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Currently my team consists of Marshtomp (physical attacker, fully super-trained), Charmeleon (spec. attacker, fully super-trained), Snorlax (physical tank), and Seviper (spec. attacker). Regarding my progress in-game, I'm about to acquire the Jaw/Sail fossil in Glittering Cave. I'm looking for suggestions as to what Pokémon I should add/remove to or from my team, and what moves said Pokémon should know. My playstyle is offensive. Also, I do not plan on using legendaries such as Yveltal or Mewtwo.

Note: This is a team that I plan on using only in-game, to beat the story and vice versa. Not for competitive online battles.

Just over level and any Pokemon will be usable.

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In-game, Almost anything else could work, but in my opinion these'd fit well with your team:

Vileplume / Bellossom / Roserade

Your team is lacking a Grass Type, And these could fit well, while Vileplume and Roserade give you a double-psychic weakness, It doesn't matter too much. They all have relatively decent Special Attack stats, So they can be used offensively, and if you have Mega Charizard Y, you could make use of Chlorophyll on Vileplume / Bellossom.

Garchomp / Salamence

Your team also lacks a Dragon Type, which is a good typing. Garchomp and Salamence are both good offensive Dragon types, and they aren't found that late in the game. Dragon is a good typing to have because they're generally offense-based Pokémon, and they have a ton of resistances which makes it harder to KO them.

Aegislash / Scizor

Both of these Pokémon would make good tanks. Scizor can be semi-speedy but Aegislash could be a mixed attacker. I'm mainly suggesting these because your team lacks a Steel Type, which is a great defensive Typing. If you don't have anyone to trade with, or you don't want to wait until almost the end of the game, Aegislash is your other option.

Pokémon Locations: Oddish and Honedge are found on Route 6 (Palais Lane), Roselia is found on Route 7 (Rivière Walk), Gible is found on Route 13 (Lumiose Badlands), Scyther is found on Route 21 (Dernière Way) And Bagon is found on Route 8 (Muraille Coast).

If you'd like Movesets for any of these, just ask. I can probably try to provide a good in-game set.

Hope I helped!~

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Add Aroura

In game Aruora is better and we'll help your team deal with Grants Tyrunt with is neutral to marshstomps water moves. Tyrunt might be better competitive but I game it will help you Take down some of the harder bosses.(Gym Leders)

Change Seviper

Seviper is a great Pokemon in some ways but toxicroak (Get it on route 9) completely help you take out the fairys it you don't want Honedge (Get it on the paths off Parfum palace.)

If you want a last member you lucario you get in korinas questLapras you get when you get surf or My Pick Gible at The power Plant

And remember if you don't like this plan you can change it or ignore it its your adventure not anyone else's. Good Luck!!!

Just what pokemon is Aroura