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I am playing Omega Ruby and I'm having problem breeding. I caught a couple feebas but they didnt have the natures I wanted. Then I remember I had a female marill with the hidden ability sap sipper so I thought about getting a feebas with a hidden ability. i've been trying to get a male marill with the HA and a quiet nature but only the females got (first I breeded the female with the HA and had a male marill with a quiet nature that was holding an everstone but since I didnt get what a I wanted, I switched to breeding a newborn female with both the HA and quiet nature [she was holding the everstone to pass down the nature] and breeded it with a male feebas so that I could get a male marill with the hidden ability and nature). I havent got it yet so can somebody please tell me how to breed a feebas with an HA in my situation.


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Quite simply, I'm afraid you can't.

When breeding with Pokemon of different species but of the same egg group, the offspring will be the first stage of the evolution line of the female. Unfortunately due to breeding mechanics, Hidden Abilities can only be transferred from the female in cross-species breeding:

If the male is bred with another Pokémon from the same egg group,
Hidden Abilities will not be passed down.

This means you would need either a female Feebas with its HA to breed with male Marill, or a male Feebas with its HA to breed with a female Feebas. Alternatively, either gender Feebas with HA to breed with Ditto.

Basically, I'm afraid you need a HA Feebas to start with :(