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Reuniclus or Musharna

I want a psychic tank or wall ( I think they're really coool )
but I can't decide who fits into my team better,
any suggestions?

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I would suggest Musharna because of it's high defense, special defense, and special attack. That makes it good for strong attacks while not taking much damage.

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Its hard to chose but Id say Reuniclus. He has a higher Attack and Speed Stat than Musharna and thats sometimes all you need in a battle.

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30 speed is still very slow...
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I would say Musharna because in that team you don't have a pokemon that has an amazing health or defense stat and Musharna does. Another thing is that there aren't many bulky psychic types and Musharna is bulky.

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Reuniclus,moveset thunder,energy ball(post-elite four),psychic,focus blast

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