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Flamethrower (Reliable STAB)
Flare Blitz (Powerful STAB)
Hammer Arm (Powerful STAB)
Wild Charge (Weakness Coverage)

Swords Dance (Boost already high attack)
Dragon Claw (Reliable STAB)
Outrage/Earthquake * (Powerful STAB/Just the hell of it)
Brick Break (Weakness Coverage)
Brick Break (Weakness Coverage)
Earthquake(Powerful STAB)
Fly (Unexpected/Pretty damn cool)
Shadow Ball(Reliable STAB)

Iron Defence/Magnet Rise**
Meteor Mash(Semi-Reliable STAB)
Zen Headbutt(Semi-Reliable STAB)
Earthquake(Weakness Coverage)

Solarbeam(Powerful STAB)
Giga Drain(Reliable STAB)
Stone Edge(Weakness Coverage)
Sacred Sword(Reliable STAB)

*(Weakness Coverage)
Bug Buzz(Reliable STAB)
Quiver Dance (Boost)
Heat Wave(Powerful STAB)

Powerful STAB with confusion or basic strong, expected attack?
Here's my dilemma. Magnet Rise takes out the weakness to Earthquake, but Iron Defense makes it even HARDER to kill
Any better Gen. V Grass types?
I know it's ANOTHER Fire Type but it also is a bug type which takes out tricky Psychics
* Any better Grass type moves it can learn?

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First off, here is my old answer,

Needs some help,
Emboar doesn't need flamethrower, just go ahead and give him head smash.
With golurk don't use shadow ball use shadow punch ( Golurk has a higher atk stat than sp atk. )
and use Hammer Arm, ( for coverage agaisn't dark types )
No solarbeam on virizion, I would use leaf blade, then have swords dance instead of giga drain.

Volcarona would do better with flamethrower than heat wave.
Solarbeam? Really?
Psychic would be pretty good on him, or you could use HP electric or water.

thats what I have to say about the team, it was pretty decent though, and please post natures and items, next time.

Now for the things you asked in this one.

  • I think You should go with earthquake since you already have dragon claw.

** Iron defense makes it more of a wall, while magnet rise just makes it have on less weakness, its really your choice they are both fine.

*** I personally preffer sawsbuck
I would try a set like this,
Horn Leech( or is it wood horn? )
Double Edge ( Wicked stab and you can heal the recoil with horn leech )
Wild Charge ( Same circumstances minus stab )
Jump Kick ( I think you get the point )

**** I guess it works

***** I personally don't think solarbeam is very good without sunny day, so it doesn't do great for water types, because they would hit you when you charge. An HP grass or Electric could fix this.

Hope this helped alot. :D

Hah, thanks for putting up with my double-posting, the first one posted by accident.  Would outrage be better if I made hima  sweeper? Take out 3 of their pokemon out and switch? Ugh, this is an un-answerable question, all my friends said that. I want to know, how much damage Metagross would take from the inevitable earthquake with Iron Defense on. I might try Sawsbuck, and how do you change the HP for your pokemon? If you can. My Volcarona's HP is Flying, which is okay.
I'm pretty sure you would have to breed lol, so I guess your out of luck on volcorona, maybe psychic for a filler, and if you went for beserk sweeping, just replace dragon claw with outrage instead of e-quake
If you really wanted a psychic filler I think Metagross can learn Psychic.
I was talking about teaching his volcarona psychic
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I agree completely with J98, but I would stick with Iron Defense on Metagross, since electric moves are not very effective anyway.

No, Magnet rise makes GROUND moves ineffective, not electric.