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Invincible Pokémon Legit???

My friend, Jack, has recently traded me four Sableyes with the ability Wonder Guard. As you should know, Wonder Guard allows the user to only be hit by super-effective moves, but can you get a Wonder-Guarded Sableye legitimately? He traded me one male Sableye, one female Sableye, one shiny male Sableye and one shiny female Sableye. I am here to ask you one question: Did my friend Jack get these Pokémon legitimately? Or did he use hacks/cheats? If you can answer this question, I would be really grateful, I just don't want the guilt of beating the Elite Four with a Pokémon he used cheats to get...

V The Sableye V
Invincible Sableye Photo (DSi)



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NO they are hacked
Sableye cannot have wonder guard as its ability so they are hacked

Okay, thanks for replying. I will now be deleting the Sableye from my Pokémon. Thanks! ^_^