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Can anyone tellme all the moves that deal damage and gain an amount of hp back.

These are all I know tell me if there more:

Mega Drain
Giga Drain
Horn Leech
Drain Punch

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Dream Eater and do you count Leech Seed?
Leech Seed drains a small amount of HP from the target each turn.
Leech life is the same as Absorb but a different type.
I'm not sure if there are any more.
Your forgeting leech seed and dream eater
Leech Seed is WORTHLESS cause it drains a minimal amount of HP and does very LITTLE damage.
Leech Life is even worse and is a WASTE.
Dream Eater need the pokemon to be asleep and only a few pokemon can learn Dream Eater and A move to put the opponent to sleep even most of those have bad stats.
None Fit in my team.
But thanks for answers anyway.

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Leech Seed, Leach Life, Dream Eater, I guess you have the rest

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