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Item: Expert belt ( boosts super effective moves by 20% , 20.00/100.00 )



Ice beam-good power, good accuracy , chance to freeze, used to deal with flying , ground, grass, dragon types.

Surf-good power good accuracy , STAB , can hit multiple targets.

Note: I didn't get grass knot for my Empoleon because I was a noob back then so I gave it to my bidoof.

Waterfall-good power, good accuracy , chance to flinch , STAB .

Dig- ok power , good accuracy , for dodging , used to deal with electric types . Mainly the reason why I have the expert belt ( boost's dig's 80 base power to 100 base power so it will be like earthquake )

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It's Ok!

Everything works in-game.
I have a suggestion though. Waterfall and Dig are physical moves. I guess you are using Waterfall because it's an HM, but you should really switch Dig for another move. Maybe Flash Cannon. It's a good steel type move with 80 power. Teach Dig to a Pokemon with high attack. It will be more effective that way.

If you want good movesets for competitive play click HERE!

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I changed dig to brine when my waterfall did half health and brine's power is 130 when opponents hp is half or less , 130 sp. atk base power is good enough to beat an adamant 252 atk evs electivire that ohko my Empoleon when it thunder punched.