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I know the game is old but I used to be a huge fan but never played through SS. I figured Id get it out of the way but I am having trouble. The poison E4 member's muk destroys me (stalls me actually) and I refuse to change my Pokemon out so leveling IS an option.

Edit: I still somewhat struggle but I am able to kill him a bit faster. I now realize the best option is having a full team of 50s pre-e4

I need to know if I should use any of these for sure:

Togetic : Best moves: Extrasensory
Ampharos Best Moves: Discharge
Typhlosion Best Moves: Flamethrower
Quagsire Best Moves: Surf?
Umbreon Best Moves: Dark Pulse/ Payback
Jumpluff Best Moves: Sleep Powder?

I need an easy destruction. IF I CAN GET PSYCHIC before the e4 I need it.

Thanks have a good day.

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Your team reminds me alot of my first HG team. I had a Togetic, Ampharos, Typhlosion, Jumpluff too. (I evolved my Eevee into a Espeon) I taught my Typhlosion Earthquake, my Espeon dig, (your umbreon can learn it too)and my Togetic  Extrasensory and was just fine, but the key is to hit hard before he can set up Muk. What levels are you at? If youre at level 40ish you should  probably level up until your team is at least 45-50 if not more. You can get only get the TM for psychic only AFTER you beat the champion in Saffron  city, and at the Celeadon city game corner for 10000 coins. But if you have the pokewalker you can get it in The Edge of the Night Sky Course.
Hope I helped! (-:

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You should have the TMs for Earthquake (found in Victory Road) and Dig (found at the National Park) by now, so I suggest you use those.

Muk has higher sp. def than defence, so use physical moves instead. Give Earthquake to Quagsire, since it'll get STAB and do more damage. You should be able to 2 shot (if not 1 shot) Muk by now, so if you can't, train up some more.

Thanks man!