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i need atleast 2 physical attackers in my team (dunno y), and I like one of them to have good defense (like a tank + attacker) and I though spiritomb will do well in that position. Unfortunatly, my spiritomb doesnt have pain split so I cant really do anything about it so I'm looking for a good physical moveset not requiring pain split.


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Spiritomb @ Black Glasses / Leftovers


Ability: Pressure / Inflitrator (Inflitrator is preferred)

EVs: 196 HP / 252 Attack / 60 Def

Adamant Nature

  • Sucker Punch / Shadow Sneak
  • Pursuit
  • Taunt / Destiny Bond
  • Will-O-Wisp


Basically what this set does is that it can Pursuit trap certain threats. Like if a Psychic / Ghost Pokemon faints one of your Pokemon, you can then send out Spiritomb. Pursuit has higher priority if they try to switch-out, so you can easily take them down.

Will-O-Wisp is necessity to beat bulkier physical attackers, such as Rhyperior.

Taunt can beat most set-up sweepers / status users that like to take advantage of Spiritomb, while Destiny Bond isn't as effective, but can go for take another opponent with it.

Shadow Sneak gets good priority + STAB (but has little BP), while Sucker Punch gets good STAB and power (but requires some level of prediction).

Anyways, that's the set! I hope I helped!

Side Note: Spiritomb should use Black Glasses, but Leftovers is a viable alternative for a bit of recovery. The EVs and Nature give it good Attack and good Bulk.

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thanks a lot, i had rest, sleep talk, return, and sucker punch on my set and ill surely try this out :)
is it ok if i have the impish nature, for the extra bulk? or should i invest on spe.def instead cuz of the impish nature?
Spiritomb really needs the maximum investment in damage, but you could go for Impish Nature. If you do, then yes, you would invest on Sp. Def (instead of Def). However, if you want it to excel in its defense, you could put the rest of the EVs in Def.