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To be clear, for example if I use Powersave to hack IVs onto my Serperior, will I be able to use that Serperior in an official competition?


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If the IVs do not exceed 31 per stat (if that's possible via hacking), and as long as they match up with whatever Hidden Power you want (no 31/31/31/31/31/31 HP Ice Serperior), you should be able to get it through Battle Spot and hack checkers.

However, tell no one, as you will likely be reported. Also it usually takes less than an hour to breed a 5IV Pokémon if you have a Ditto, so it's probably best to go the safe route and just breed aa legit Serperior. If you don't have a 6IV Ditto, I believe there's a subreddit that gives them out.

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