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Grinding levels in Pokemon Soulsilver, on 8th badge, trying to raise ice and dragon types to level 40+. Wanted to know if Weakness Types granted more exp than Advantage Types.

For example, take a level 25 Jinx (Ice/Psychic). Ice Pokemon are weak against Fire and have an advantage against Grass.

Would Jinx gain more exp if it beat a level 20 Fire-Type Pokemon or a level 20 Grass-Type Pokemon?

I looked all over Google for an answer to this question and have yet to find any information.


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No, it doesn't affect the EXP gained. Type doesn't affect EXP as of such, there's no additional EXP a Pikachu gains by beating a Magikarp than it does by beating a Geodude.

However, the opposing Pokemon's base experience yield and your Pokemon's growth rate (slow, fast, fluctuating, etc) do get accounted for during the calculation of experience gained. Eg.- when you beat a Blissey, you almost always get more experience than when you beat a Magikarp. A Pikachu gains more experience per battle than a Dratini.

Hope I helped!