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Milotic, or, Volcarona?

My team is as follows: Emboar
Flare Blitz
Hammer Arm
Wild Charge

Swords Dance
Dragon Claw
Brick Break

Hammer Arm
Shadow Punch

Iron Defence/Magnet Rise
Meteor Mash
Zen Headbutt

Leaf Blade
Giga Drain
Stone Edge
Sacred Sword

I can get a super effective attack on every type except for psychic, and I thought that's where Volcarona stpes in, but then again, I am seriously needing a water type.


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First of all , emboar flamethrower seriously??
Emboar is physical sweeper and has a comparatively low sp.attack so remove flamethrower and teach it a nice little physical move such as Head Smash If you are goin with the dream World ability or maybe Earthquake.
And Golurk has shadow punch , that IS a Critical on psychic check the type advantages .
So no need of extra fire pokemon GET milotic .
And Haxorus Keep outrage .

Well I'd suggest changing emboar for volcarona but that's upto you .

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All of your team is a physical attacker replacing emboar for volcarona and add milotic is a good idea.
"pathetic sp.attack"?! 100 base sp.attack is NOT pathetic! Sure, it has more attack. But it could be mixed, or even a special swepper with Modest nature.
What would you suggest being a replacement for flame thrower on Emboar, Because I plan on keepin him.
Get Head Smash or EarthQuake.
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I agree with the above.

Swap out Emboar for Volcarona and take Milotic.

I found when I hit the Elite Four the second time around (especially) that I never used Emboar (even for the Dark Type Pokemon, my Druddigon knows Night Slash and that worked fine)

However its down to you and your playstyle, use what you prefer to play with and work around it :)

Night slash is super effective against dark types...? Since when?
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I also agree but if you must keep emboar then go with milotic becuase you already have a fire type.

Milotic set:


Ice beam(Coverage)

Recover/Aqua ring(Healing)


Volcarona set:


Bug buzz(STAB)

Quiver dance(Jaw dropping insanity power)


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Teaching Haxorus x scissor will allow it to take on psychic types too.

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Basically, I agree with all of these answers. Emboar is okay when it comes attack, but has low other stats. So replace him with Volcarona. Also Milotic is a good counterpart because of it's wide movepool. And jester is right about Haxorus. If you teach him X-Scissor then he will be a lot stronger. Here's a Milotic moveset:

Ice Beam (great coverage)
Aqua Ring
Toxic/Protect/Iron Tail

Here's a good Volcarona set:

Hurricane (great coverage)
Heat Wave (great STAB)
Bug Buzz (great STAB)
Quiver Dance (set the power up)

Hope this helps =)