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OKay I'm planning to get a lilligant because these really used to pown me nd I was wondering if I should teach it Petal dance or energy ball. Petal dance is more powerful and with the Own tempo ability its good put its continuous while energy ball is weaker but is not continuous and also if I pick energy ball is it worth for its other ability (the speed is sunshine) even though weak against fire p.s what item should it hold???

Sorry bout that ....if so the go for petal dance!!

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Petal Dance! When paired with Own Tempo,Petal dance is one of the best (If not the best) move for Lilligant. The only possible problem is that once you use the move, you can't switch out or change a move. But this problem is minimized when this attack is paired with Quiver Dance.

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I have to disagree energy ball all the way with the new ability sapsipper petal dance is dangerous confusion or not.

Petal dance is special attack...
He never said it wasn't.
Messed up... I thought it was only with regular attacks not special attacks. In that case I'm going with energy ball.