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Apologies, if this has been asked before, I found it not.

I am yet to catch the Trio, when this popped into my head.

If yes, why? If not, why not? (This bit is optional, obviously.)


Why do you think it wouldn't o.o
Nicknaming them doesn't really change anything so long as you have the Pokemon iirc...
Idk, I guess I'm not sure how the game checks Regice's nick..
Nah, pretty sure it will allow. But I haven't ever tried getting a Regigigas for myself so I'd better not answer xD
Nope, the nickname does not affect the Regi king's appearance. Too many people would hate on the trio (even more) if they couldn't name their Regis.
Maybe you could just try to name it 'Regice' yourself and see if it works. If it doesn't work, then you can just go to the name rater in Slateport city to give it another nickname.

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Nicknaming Pokemon does nothing to anything unless you are playing Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow, where there is a rumored glitch that nicknaming a MewTwo and swimming on the edge of Cinnabar Island will put the sixth item in your bag at the max amount. Other than that, there are no more nickname related events in Pokemon games.

And besides, nicknaming Pokemon is too fun to become complicated with special events.

"I have to nickname my Regice 'Regice'?I must rage quit!"

It is required to nickname Regice in order to unlock Regigigas.
^ somehow I expected that kind of a catch. The uncertainty lies in whether the pokemon's actual name can also be a valid nickname.
The pokemon's name doesn't count as a Nickname. You know how a nickname stays when your pokemon evolves. I had name my Mudkip 'Mudkip' and it evolved into a Marshtomp with the name 'Marshtomp'