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It already has False Swipe and I want to keep Frenzy Plant.


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It doesn't really matter if your Sceptile is way above the level of the Pokemon you're hunting. Status doesn't really matter when you're hunting regular wild Pokemon. Just bring good Pokeballs and false swipe. If the target has an escaping move then you need to go prepared. Otherwise I recommend this set for your Sceptile:

-False Swipe
-Hone Claws
-Swords Dance

This is a pretty realistic set. Hone claws improves accuracy which is good when accuracy/evasiveness becomes annoying, and also raises attack which is good. Swords dance is there for high level enemies that can wall false swipe. Synthesis heals Sceptile so it can hunt longer. Useful if you're hunting in an area that uses a lot of priority. This set will be useful in most situations. It has weaknesses too, like shadow tag and arena trap, so check to see what you're up against first.

P.S. You can delete Frenzy Plant and then reteach it for free.

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IMHO Gallade is much better for hunting since it gets Thunder Wave and has quite a high attack stat, making False Swipe used a maximum of 3-4 times. Also, it gets Drain Punch which is useful while chaining