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I head about this Pokemon I want it so is it real and possible to get?


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Zygarde is a real Pokémon, it's a Dragon/Ground type Legendary.

In Pokémon X/Y, all you need to do is beat the elite four and go to Terminus Cave, it takes a bit of searching but it's not very hard to get to.

It's unobtainable in OR/AS.

Source: Experience with catching it many times.

In the link on the left there is a search place. Type in Zygarde there.
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Zygarde is a real Pokemon. It is the order Pokemon.Its ability is aura break.

     [enter link description here][1]

It is found in Terminus Cave in XY after beating the elite 4.It is not found in ORAS unless you trade.

                                                  Source: link above
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