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Is there a website I can use to figure out my EVs so I can use the RMT section of this site?


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Generally speaking, unless you're counting your EVs as you train them, it can be very difficult to work out what they are afterward. If you want to have any idea of what your EVs are, you'll need to know your Pokemon's IVs, which involves knowing its EVs first. So basically you're in a bit of a predicament.

However, assuming that you're playing a generation 6 game, you might be in luck if you have a bit of patience. First, you can get a vague estimation of your Pokemon's EVs in the Super Training function. On the graph shown for the Pokemon, you'll be able to see a visual representation of your Pokemon's EV distribution. There'll also be a meter showing how many EVs you've used up of all the 510 available. However, Super Training never explicitly the states the specific values of your Pokemon's EVs. In order to do that, you'll need to get your hands on a Reset Bag. This bag is used to quickly delete all of your Pokemon's EVs, but people have a secondary use for it that you might find helpful.

To get a Reset Bag, leave your screen of Super Training and your Pokemon will hit a punching bag occasionally. Sometimes, they'll find a special bag - the Reset Bag is one of these. To speed up the process, the the screen repeatedly to make your Pokemon hit the bag faster. Eventually, once you get a Reset Bag, save the game and bring the Pokemon whose EVs you want to find to the Super Training screen. Use the Reset Bag on it. This is where you'll have to be quick. Very briefly, numbers will flash over your Pokemon's stats. Those are the EVs it just lost, and the EVs it had before you deleted them. Make note of these numbers.

If you want to keep your Pokemon's EVs, quit the game without saving after using the Reset Bag. You might need to repeat the Reset Bag + quit game process numerous times to find the EVs in all your Pokemon's stats, but this is still the most effective way to find your Pokemon's EVs.

One last thing I'd like to note. If you didn't keep track of your Pokemon's EVs, would I be right in saying that you didn't train them with competitive battling in mind? If so, you probably won't find the RMT section very useful. The people there rate with competitive battling in mind, not main story or post-game quests. Their suggestions will be to make your team better in battle, and won't retain things like HMs if they are poor choices for moves in battle. If your Pokemon's EVs are scrambled all over the place as a result of not training them specifically in one stat, they'll suggest you start over with those as well. If you post your in-game team there, keep those things in mind.

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Thanks a bunch I have an eeveelution team I am creating and that will help me this weekend.
Glad that was helpful! Good luck with your team :)