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Basically, he has a kyogre and every match I try to take it down and it always sweeps it, because I got ruby and he got saphire, meaning he naturally has an advantage, but I think I have an idea to beat it. I got pokemon fire red a few days ago and I know it has zapdos, moltres and articuno, and if rain, (which kyogre causes permanently, he always starts with it, and we always play doubles,) thunder has 100% accuracy. Would I be able to finally defeat it with this strategy? Also, where do I get zapos?


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Shedinja is all you need, Bro.

Kyogre is a tough Pokemon to counter, due its overwhelmingly high stats in the right places; it's practically invincible. If you use Shedinja, then no attack used by the common Kyogre will hit it.

Zapdos just can't out-muscle Kyogre. Yes, 100% Thunder is pretty awesome, but Kyogre would just use Ice Beam or Blizzard and OHKO Zapdos. For a legendary bird attempt, you could using the ever-so-bulky Articuno to stall it out with Toxic and/or Swagger, maybe.

There are probably other ways you could approach the Kyogre, but I'll others have a shot at this.

Would yanma/its evolution work? I like that pokemon better
You would need Shedinja because of Wonder Guard.