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I need to evolve certain Pokémon with happiness but I don't know how. Any suggestions for Pokémon y. Also if there is a certain item can you please give the location if you can. Thanks!


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All these will increase happiness
- Leveling up
- Winning a battle when that Pokemon is still able to battle
- Holding a Soothe bell
- Giving it Vitamins
- Feeding it Berries
Tomato Berry raises happiness and lowers Speed Ev's
Pomeg Berry raises happiness and lowers Hp Ev's
Qualot Berry raises happiness and lowers Defense Ev's
Hondew Berry raises happiness and lowers Special Attack Ev's
Grepa Berry raises happiness and lowers Special Defense Ev's
Kelpsy berry raises happiness and lowers Attack Ev's
- Giving it massages : You can find the person in Cyllage City

Avoid all of these. They decrease happiness.
- Fainting
- Giving it bitter medicine/herbs
- Putting it in the PC

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Not sure about just winning a battle or the PC. I find berry spamming the easiest method, although it means playing Farmville every now and then. Just pick whatever stat you want 0 EVs in and gorge on the appropriate berry.
Oh and I really don't care about lowering the EV I just need to evolve it for the pokedex.
Berries will increase friendship until it's maximised completely, if you're not after ideal EVs that will simply be a nice by-product.
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Contrary to popular belief, putting a Pokemon in the PC doesn't decrease happiness(would that really be fair if it did decrease happiness? You can only hold six Pokemon). A Soothe Bell increases the happiness of the Pokemon as you walk around if it is in your party. Berries and vitamins are also great ways to speed up the process if you have a little extra moola lying around. A luxury ball and friendship ball also work similarly to the Soothe Bell if the Pokemon is caught in one. Trading a Pokemon resets it's happiness to its original amount, feeding it bitter items, including bitter Poke Snacks, also lowers it happiness. Fainting is the only other thing that lowers happiness, so avoid doing those things, but don't worry about the PC. Hope this helps!