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I want a Charizard-EX(Combustion Blast, Flashfire), Houndoom EX(BREAKThrough) and Blaziken-EX(Promo). I am offering a Greninja-EX(Promo), Kyogre-EX(Also Promo) and Xerneas-EX(XY). Realizing that two of mine are promos, I throw in a total of three rares and rare-holos.

Is it a fair trade?

I do not want opinions, I want the values of the cards compared against one another. Also, I highly doubt that the real world value would matter since this is the PTCGO.


When your in chat I can give you my charizard for any random card since I have double but my houndoom and blaziken I don't want to trade.
Sure, I'll take it if you're willing! :)

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Although cards may have an average cost that they are being bought for, determining the cost of their own cards is completely up to the person you are trading with. Sentimental value plays a big role in trading to a lot of collectors. If the cards you want are all "up for trade" and their average cost is near the cost of the cards that you are offering then it would be a fair trade, however, it is still possible that the second trader simply may not want the cards you have to offer.