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When I host tournaments, I check every entrants team with a viewing application when they log onto the Wi-Fi used for the event. If I see 6 or 5 IV shiny or legendary Pokémon, I investigate. If the Pokémon is not hatched from an egg, I disallow that Pokémon from entering. (the odds of catching a shiny wild Pokémon with 5 plus IVs with a shiny charm are less than 1/50 billion while 6 IVs have roughly 1/1 trillion).

What are some other things that should be added to a judge's "red flag" list? I know hacked Pokémon will probably always be an issue, but I would love to know what to look for.

1/1 trillion ≠ 0
Maybe, just maybe the dude got unbelievably lucky
Statistically, it's more likely a hack. Since it is substantially common for hackers to just toss shiny max stats on their hacked Pokemon, I have to make a judgement call. You are more likely to win the lottery than you are to encounter a wild, shiny, 6 IV Pokemon.
It's less likely to happen to someone than being struck by lightning and winning the lottery with only a single ticket. That's so unlikely I would predict less than 10 of those obtained without hacking exist on the whole planet.

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Abnormal levels (Dragonite at Lv. 50, even though it evolves at Lv. 55)
Incompatible moves (Raichu with Extreme Speed and Iron Tail, since there is no generation where it can learn both)
Impossible moves/abilities (Wondertomb or Endeavor Shedinja, although that is obvious hacking)
A large number of shinies/perfect IV Pokemon.

Don't know any more sorry.

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Wonder tomb isn't prevalent anymore, but I'm surprised how many people still try to get away with sturdy Shedinja. Ha.
Wait, what? Volt Tackle is an Egg Move and Slam is a level-up Move. How are they 'incompatible'? You can hatch a Pichu with Volt Tackle via breeding, and evolve it into a Pikachu and teach it Slam at Lv 37.
I meant Body Slam. Sorry.
A Pichu from Emerald can be hatched with Volt Tackle and learn Body Slam through a move tutor.
But isn't Raichu with both Body Slam and Volt Tackle not usable on Showdown because it is unobtainable or something?
I mean Extreme Speed and Iron Tail sorry.
Extreme Speed is an Event Move.
Iron Tail is a Move Tutor Move.
It's still possible.