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I want to get Mewtwo for Sm4sh because I do. But, I am a lazy Sans and don't want to do all of the Nintendo Network stuff to buy the DLC unless I have to. Is it possible to circumvent this complicated process and just buy the Amiibo for Mewtwo? Does getting the Amiibo make Mewtwo a playable character if I haven't bought the DLC?

EDIT: I'd like the answer to be either from experience or a reliable source because there is actual money at stake here.


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Nope, doesn't unlock him.
You can train the amiibo and fight it and all that, but it's not a playable character.
I searched around on google, and found several different sources saying so, and the one that most confirmed it was a youtube video.

Sources: the link above, gamefaqs

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Darn. Thanks though.
Nintendo you money sucker
Strange because they make more money selling a $10 Amiibo than a $4 digital DLC.