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Hello! I just traded my shiny Entei for a shiny Xerneas and some things seem fishy to me.

I know there was a shiny Xerneas/Yveltal event in Japan, but this Pokemon is from Germany (I saw it as a red flag). I checked its info and it says it was met at level 100 at 10/29/2015 at "The Pokemon Cartoon"
I don't know much about IVs (sorry), but it knows Geomancy, Moonblast, Aromatherapy, and Focus Blast. It isn't in a master ball, though. Rather, it's in one of those red event pokeballs (which is a pro I guess)

I don't know much about the Pokemon event or the information on what level they were met at and so on, but I'm really worried that I just gave up my legit for a hack.

Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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A good way to check is to talk to the IV rater, as most hacked Pokemon will have perfect stats.

In this case, the German region is evidence leaninh towards being hacked, as it was a Japanese only event related to the new season.


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Legendary pokemon can have perfect IVs
Just saying, but the Xerneas event can be German, if received on a German console. It's only distributed in Japan.
Besides it can have 6 IVs; it takes time but if someone invests enough effort into resetting, not impossible.

I doubt it's the real pokemon, it's most likely cloned imo. Which means not hacked.
Mm. I can't use the code on my American region game. Also, I did specify most, not all, hacked Pokemon will have perfect IVs. Considering there is s 1 in 46,656 chance a legendary will have perfect IVs, if someone put the effort in, I doubt they would trade it away.

On the contrary, though, if it has reasonable IVs, it is probably legitimate. If you traded it via GTS, it is at least a good enough fake to go undetected. I'm guessing this Pokemon is legitimate, though.
SRing for perfect IVs isn't a rare thing at all. The Xerneas could also be a clone. If a Legendary Pokémon has 6IVs, then there is a good chance it is hacked (especially if it's one like Xerneas who doesn't need an Attack IV). If it's got 5IVs then it's quite possible for it to be legit.
The trade was done with someone in a forum and I've contacted them about trading back. They seem nice and they trade a lot, so they probably got it not knowing any better. Hopefully they'll understand and not be a scammer :(
EDIT: I found the IV checker and I'm no expert, but he said that every one of the stats were "good" and "it simply cant be beat!" So I'm thinking that means it's has perfect IVs and may be a hack.
Sounds like a hack