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Lvl 100
Cherish Ball
Hoenn Champion Ribbon, Snooze Ribbon, Gorgeous Ribbon
Impish Nature
Attack 248
Defense 256
Sp. Atk. 225
Sp. Def. 260
Speed 238
I traded this mew, (for a lvl 100 shiny eevee,) but the OT is not the trainer I got it from.
If it is, will it ruin my game? I have had this mew a while.
OT: Hailey
I am sorry I have changed the moves and do not remember what the originals were but I believe it was one of the movesets that is suggested on here?

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What are it's moves?
Also, does it say the date of receiving or where it was caught?

2 Answers

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This Mew seems completely legit, it's OT is possible, as you can get a Mew with your own OT. (But the event has been over for a long time.) However, if the Mew wasn't obtained in 2005, there is a high chance that it is hacked, because the Mew's OT is "Hailey" which is an OT that isn't possible to get unless it was from the Old Sea Map event. However, you can get Mews with the OT of "Hayley" through My Pokemon Ranch.

Your Mew is probably hacked, unless it was obtained in 2005

Hope I helped!


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The information you gave gives no indication one way or the other if it is hacked. After getting it in a GTS trade, I'm fairly certain it at least passed the Nintendo check.

Check it's IVs. If there are five or six perfect IVs, you can probably assume it is hacked. You haven't given enough information to help though. Who is the OT? What nature is it? Any suspicious moves? Where was it encountered, and what region was it from?

Still need more info to be sure, but yeah. This is probably a hack. I doubt it will ruin your game though.

Was the trainer Hailey or Hayley? If Hayley, then it is possibly legitimate.