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Hi all, I want to start Alpha Sapphire, but I cannot decide on the last spot for my team. It is purely for in-game use, so no competitive battling. These five I have so far:

-Leaf Blade (Energy Ball later)
-Rock Slide or acrobatics

-Brick Brace (Drain Punch later) or Close Combat (downside on Close Combat is the pp)
-Psycho Cut (Zen Headbutt later)
-Night Slash

-Sludge Wave
-Ice Beam
-Dazzling Gleam

-Flash Cannon
-Thunder Wave
-Signal Beam

Mega Altaria
-Dragon Pulse

Then the last spot, I'm doubting between Absol and Dusknoir. Both can act as counters for psychic and ghost pokémon. Absol does a better job typewise, but Dusknoir has high defenses. Furthermore, Dusknoir is also a good counter for poison types with EQ. The movesets I have in mind are as follows:

-Sucker Punch
-Psycho Cut (later Zen Headbutt)
-Stone Edge or Rock Slide
-Swords Dance

-Shadow Punch
-Fire Punch
-Brick Break

I'm curious about your opinion which of those two fits my team best. And also what some good alternatives for the moves would be. My team is very attack-oriented as I always play like that in-game, but if you know some useful status moves please let me know.


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I would go with Absol, as you already have some very bulky Pokemon on your team, and in-game, it's all about powering through your opponent! Absol has a large movepool and, unlike Dusknoir, can set up a Swords Dance and sweep. Another reason I would go with Absol is because to get a Dusknoir you need to trade with it holding a reaper cloth and so on - it's just more hassle for a Dusknoir, and by the time you've got it, the journey's almost over. With an Absol you can catch it and use it straight off the bat.

By the way, I fell into the mistake of wanting to use Gallade for my ORAS playthrough as well. I caught Raltz, evolved it to a Kirlia... and it just stayed a weakling Kirlia whilst all my other Pokemon evolved further and became much stronger. This is because the earliest opportunity there is to evolve Kirlia into a Gallade is on Victory Road, after you defeat Wally. The journey was practically already over. If youhave a Dawn Stone ready and waiting, then you go for a Gallade, but if not then I would consider using a different Pokemon altogether.

I would use Azumarill, as it is a nice replacement to Gallade. I has a fast experience growth rate, can learn multiple HMs (if you want it to, as your team is currently lacking in HMs - waterfall and strength are good too you know!) and is generally more bulky with a much better ability, that you should use for an all-out attacker. Again this is only if you want to make the switch from Gallade to Azumarill, but I would.

As for the moves, I would say that you should replace Ice Beam and Dazzling Gleam for Toxic and Protect on Tentacruel, as Tentacruel is a more bulky Pokemon that should stall out the opponent, and be the ultimate Slaking counter. Other than that I think your moves are perfectly fine for an in-game team!!

Hope I helped!

Yeah I think you're right. Also Absol has a better type to battle psychic and ghost types.

In my previous Alpha Sapphire run I got a dawn stone through Super Training as soon as it became available, so that's not the main problem.

Azumarill has no real type advantages to the remainder of my team. While I like Azumarill as a pokémon, I think I better use it in another run.

I don't typically use HMs on pokémon I plan on training and rather keep separate pokémon in my box that I can call upon. Although I will consider adding strength and waterfall. Waterfall is a nice extra move for Tentacruel, its attack is still decent. Strength for either Sceptile or Gallade.

I've never used toxic + protect before as I hate protect as a move. But I see why it's useful and I will try it.

Thanks for your help!
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I would better prefer Absol due to better typing and it's highly offensive use.Your style for in game is quite similar to my old one so I can pretty much understand your team.3 changes I would suggest for the movesets
1. Give Magnezone Magnet rise in place of Thunder wave as it can help you get rid of that nasty 4x Ground type weakness for 5 turns.
2.I agree with FrenzyTorterra on Tentacruel as it can be used better as a staller.
3. Sceptile is meant to be a special attacker so better replace those physical moves.A nice.moveset for him would be
Energy ball,Dragon pulse,X scissor and any other SPECIAL move.

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