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My friend and I got into an argument about this, stating that he thinks it's not but I think it is.
I know technically speaking it's not, but I mean this in a figurative way.
What do you think? Would you say it's not because technically they're different games with different stories and legendary's or would you say that Emerald is basically just a better version of Ruby/Sapphire so OR counts as an emerald remake as well.

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Omega Ruby
Did you even read it?...
Yes I did but the question in and of itself is a bit odd.
But your comment is still stated wrong, because I actually said that I know it's not. I was talking figuratively.
And I was talking satirically :D
Besides, Emerald is much more similar to Alpha Sapphire in terms of storyline.
Mega sceptile, shouldn't it be flagged then? Since its opionated?

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ORAS isn't a remake of Emerald. It's R/S. or you could say it's a remake of all three (it isn't). they even registered the trademark "Delta Emerald". ORAS has a lot of variety from RS, but it's still much different from emerald. No battle frontier (or even battle tower for that matter, being replaced with the battle resort), the champion is steven, not wallace. and many other differences.

Omega Ruby is Ruby redone with a fresh story, new characters, altered maps, and of course, mega evolution. While Rayquaza is featured in the game, and is indeed catchable, it is not because of events dealing with Groudon & Kyogre in emerald, but added events from neither emerald nor ruby.

OR has groudon
AS has Kyogre
An emerald remake would have both.

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Ok, by name, no. By standards of retcons, yes, as emerald is basically an alternate ruby/sapphire with more post game content. Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire do have key differences, though.

The big difference here lies in the story, as neither game retells the Emerald Arcs, which were different than Ruby and Sapphire .

So ultimately, Omega Ruby is not a remake of Emerald because Emerald is quasi independent of Ruby and Sapphire.

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So. Frankly speaking. These are the remakes of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire thus the names Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. They are not the remakes of Emerald. Emerald is a third game and Pokemon has yet to remake a third version.

Plus some other details which PROVE this is not a remake of Emerald.

  • Only one legendary per version not both (Kyogre AS/Groudon OR)
  • No Battle Frontier, it is currently being built in ORAS. And the Brains are being looked for as a person in the Battle Maison says "Scouting the Pike Queen... Done. Are there any trainers who match up to Scott's expectations?" or something like that
  • The champion is Steven, not Wallace, Juan apparently does not exist.

there are also some prominent references to Emerald which are.

  • The Delta Episode
  • Wallace uses his Emerald Champion team when you battle him to enter Sky Pillar.
  • List item