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How does pressure work outside of battle in Emerald?

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It seems that in Gen IV games, when a wild Pokemon is encountered while your leading Pokemon has pressure, the game has a 50% chance of forcing the wild Pokemon to appear at the maximum level that its species can appear in that particular area and encounter method. However, it seems to work differently in Emerald. Is pressure even practical in Emerald?

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Pressure increases high level wild encounters by 50 percent if the lead Pokemon has it in Emerald. To force a high level encounter, you can combine it with repels and Pokemon of certain levels to make it so that only high level Pokemon appear. It isn't different from other games.

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>If a Pokémon with Pressure is the leading party Pokémon, wild Pokémon are 50% more likely to be higher level.
from Pokemon Database's entry on pressure
You've got the wrong ability.
the only thing I got wrong was a typo, which has been fixed. The question was if it was different in Emerald, which it is not. Pressure in all games since Emerald has been the same outside of battle.
I can confirm that he is correct that Pressure's the same in all games.
But I don't get a higher-leveled Pokemon 50% of the time...
No, it just increases the chance. So... let's say you are in a place that has level 16, level 17, level 18 and level 19 pokemon.

Each has a 25% chance of appearing for this example under normal circumstances. Now... Put a Pokemon with pressure in the lead slot. Now the level 19 Pokemon will have a 37.5% chance of appearing.

Now... Let's say the Pressure Pokemon is level 19 and you activate a repel. Now, the chance of a high level Pokemon appearing is checked by the RNG and you have a much much higher chance of encountering the higher leveled Pokemon. It is most useful when a specific Pokemon you are looking for only comes at a specific, high level.
But if that's the case, then pressure wouldn't be working the same way in Gen 4. In my Platinum game at least, there's a place where wild Floatzels appear at levels 30-50. When I activate pressure and use no repels, they seen to have a 50% chance to appear at level 50.