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I just got a Lv 51 Talonflame with Pokerus in a trade. (GTS)
It says It was both received as an egg and hatched on 1/25/16
It also has a Hoenn Champion Ribbon.
It's moveset was completely legal, I just checked.
It's original trainer is not the person I got it from.

The dates, level, and Pokerus made me a little suspicious...
If it is hacked, will it hurt my game?
And if I release it, would it still affect my competing in competitions, as sometimes they will use electronic hack checks?

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Did it come with a Celebi? If so, then it's likely that the other person simply time travelled to get it and it's legit.
Thanks guys!

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I'm not sure if this Pokemon would be tournament legal, but there's a full chance that it is not hacked.

The date is the only glaring problem here, but there's one such scenario where this is possible. If at the time the Fletchling egg was hatched, the original trainers DS clock showed 1/25/16, then the day it was hatched would also be the same. This means that although it has a wrong date, it's a fully legal Pokemon, seeing that nothing else is wrong here.

As a note, no, releasing a hacked Pokemon is usually harmless to your game as only the method of hacking is damaging and electronically traceable.

Source: Half my Pokemon in XY were caught in 2011 (the game wasn't even released then) because I was experimenting time based events.

Hope I helped!

Oh, I was at this restaurant and I got really really high on sugar... the next thing I knew I'm lying on the pavement with a Celebi :P
Story of my life XD
Interesting...you should add that to Bulbapedia. Right now, the information for that particular event is missing.
Yeah, I started my X adventure in 2012 apparently. Because I forgot to set up my 3DS because it didn't ask me too, it felt like it was already touched! AND I was too hyped to play X so  I forgot.
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Seeing as, at the time of answering, it is only January 22 I would say it is hacked. If your Talonflame is caught by a hack checker at a real-life event you will be disqualified. If it's caught on Battle Spot it simply won't allow you to battle with it.