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I just got a Lv 100 shiny Glalie in a trade.
It has the red star indicating its shiny and the blue pentagon.
It's moves are :
Ice Beam
Its ability is Moody and it has a Naive nature
Its speed stat is maxed out at 284.
I got it for a level 2 Milotic!

Is this Glalie Hacked???

I'm pretty sure that can be legal. I don't know if there's a way to check or not, but it almost definitely is hacked, and it could be legal. It's kind of a tricky situation.
I'm not really sure if you can expect a yes/no answer. It is likely to be hacked, and likely not to be hacked. How are we supposed to tell?
Giving the OT and ID of the Glalie would help.

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There is no way to prove if a Pokémon is hacked or not unless there are obvious signs like having illegal moves or abilities, so there is no way to tell. Your Glalie could be hacked or legitimate, but usually Pokémon that are lv100 shinies with nice stats that are traded for normal Pokémon are hacked.

Okay, I just realized nobody is realizing the deal here. He literally said that he thinks it's hacked because of Glailie's speed stat.
The asker never said that. I think their main concern would be that the Glalie is shiny and has a perfect speed IV, a rare combination that would make sense on a hacked Pokemon as Solember's answer outlines.
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The simplest way to check is by going to an IV checker. Check the IVs. If it has an excessive amount of "Simply Can't be beat" IVs, then I'd say it is hacked. You landed yourself a breeding Pokemon.

Of course, it will probably pass all the checks, so whether or not you use it is completely up to your own moral compass.

If I were assessing this Pokemon myself, the chances of getting this fella using the Dexnav and a Shiny Stone is 1 in 180,000. With 3 perfect IVs, 1 in 12,000,000 (because Dex Nav makes every fifth Pokemon "special" with potential, very rarely 3 perfect IVs). With 5 Perfect IVs, you are looking at 1 in 20 billion or so. 6 perfect IVS? 1/32 of those 20 billion Pokemon would have those stats.

I think from the info you have given, it is hacked.

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Lv. 2 Milotic is not hacked. All you have to do is trade Feebas holding a Prism Scale. It's possible to have a Milotic at lv. 1.
Totally forgot that they kept both evolution methods
Did you check the stats yet
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All the other people didn't realize it but I did. You're worried about the speed stat. Glalie can have the speed stat of 284 with the Naive Nature which boosts the speed and decreases the Special Defense. The moves are all legal, the ability is Glalie's Hidden Ability. The Shiny-ness and the Level 100 makes it a little more suspicious you should check out the IV checker in the Battle Resort Pokemon Center (ORAS) or Kiloude City Pokemon Center (XY) to see what iv's it has (If it's 6 then it might be hacked but you can't say for sure) These things are really trick to figure out since some hacked Pokemon are really cleverly made.
Oh and tell me more about your stats! Glaile can only have 284 stats in speed only if it has 31 in the Speed IV stat.
Source: I put the Glaile you said with stats on here http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/teambuilder and it looks legit!

The stats weren't the concern, the perfect IVs + shiny chance were, since the chance for that is ridiculously low. The speed stat means nothing, 284 is the legit max Glalie can have.
With 31  ivs on Speed stat
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No it's completely possible to have that goalie it's just a very good Pokemon.