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I'm playing over my LeafGreen and I need a special sweeper,with a moveset.I'd like to know which Pokemon is better in LeafGreen and movesets that would work well in LG.Thanks

Im going to be using a:
Modest Blastoise
Modest Raichu
Adamant Nidoking
Adamant Pidgeot
Adamant Metagross


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It actually depends.

Due to the lack of a physical / special split in Generation 3, Gengar is not the best Pokemon to consider. Its STAB moves, Ghost and Poison, are both physical in this generation, failing to compliment its wonderful Special Attack stat. The other moves that Gengar can really use are probably Thunderbolt, Psychic an Giga Drain. However, compared to Alakazam's movepool in generation 3, it is superior. Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Psychic, Thunderbolt, and Giga Drain provide wonderful coverage, allowing you to get through trainers fairly easily. Gengar has access to the elemental Punches through breeding, which are all Special in this generation.

Alakazam, however, has an extremely powerful STAB Psychic which actually works off its good Special Attack stat. However, unless you have access to breeding moves such as Fire Punch, ThunderPunch, and Ice Punch, Alakzam has a poor movepool, having only Shock Wave to work off its Special Attack. There is Shadow Ball and some Fighting moves, which work off an Attack stat lower than Gengar's. Gengar's lack of Attack is made up by having STAB on its moves, which Alakazam cannot do.

I would say Gengar for the superior coverage, as that is the deal with in game runs of the game.

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You should go for the Alakazam. It´s one of the strongest special attackers in the game, if not THE strongest.


Shadow Ball (From TM)
Calm Mind

Psychic is a very powerful STAB move.
Shadow Ball is good coverage.
Calm Mind is a great setup move.
Recover is for free healing.

I hope I helped!

what will shadow ball do for alakazam its pysical in leaf green and alakazam has a broke pysical attack
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don’t use gengar in a gen 1-3 play through over alakazam. Alakazam can have its STAB psychic, shock wave for coverage, Recover, and Calm Mind. Use a Snorlax over a gengar because the physical Shadow Ball can destroy any ghost types you need. if you do want to use a gengar, use it’s special moves.

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Alakazam learns shock wave, not thunderbolt.
ah , okay. then shock wave.