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I've thought about this for a while and I've found these two type combos:
- Water/Steel/Bug/Dragon
- Water/Steel/Flying/Ground
Just wondering if there are any more. What can you guys think of?

Freeze dry would hit the second combo super effectively tho
4 times super effective on the  second set and 2 times on the first.
That's true :]

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Running all 73340 combinations through a filter, and then applying numerical values to resistances and weaknesses, the only 4 type combos possible are those you listed.

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Awesome, thanks! What filter did you use?
That's pretty interesting! It (might) also interest you to know that they ran it through a simulator - if there was a pokemon that was a combination  of all 18 types, it'd still be weak to Rock type attacks
I made my own simulator. I am still tinkering the pVp calculating aspect of things, but adding types was conveniently easy for it, and organizing type advantage/disadvantage scores was something that had already been done, so... easy peasy.
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Here are the type defense charts for your "Water/Bug/Dragon/Steel" and "Water/Ground/Flying/Steel" types:


(1/4): Water, Grass, Steel
(1/2): Normal, Ice, Psychic, Bug
0: Poison
1: Fire, Electric, Fighting, Ground, Flying, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Fairy

(1/4): Bug, Steel
(1/2): Normal, Flying, Psychic, Rock, Dragon, Fairy
0: Electric, Poison, Ground
1: Fire, Water, Grass, Ice, Fighting, Ghost, Dark