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I would like to know the cost of them all individually
And all of them together.

All games, as in all? That's is going to be near impossible to find out.
Just the DS ones. there is only 13. plus the one cheat thing and the New 3ds XL that is 15 items in all
depends on where you get them from

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At my shop, DPP are 15 each. HGSS are 25 each. BW are 20 each. B2W2 are 20. New3DS are 190, and I don't sell cheat devices, but I've seen them for as low as 6 dollars for a used AR power save. So. .. look around 335 total if you get one for 10.

If you buy them all at once, you'd probably score a discount. 300 or so, not including Power Saves.

How is DPP so cheap for you, in Australia it's 40$ for a preowned copy in horrible condition, same for HGSS, BW And B2W2
I buy and sell used in my shop for store credit. It's easy because I own the shop, so I make the prices.
does your shop happen to be in portland oregon?