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Yeah, about 48s up should be okay.
This will be pretty matched up with the Elite Fours Pokemon.

Make sure you're prepared with potions, and Revives, and status healers!
Good luck! ~

Thank you ;) im on my way to train ! ;D
ive got the healing stuff ;D
This should be a comment
NJ: I'm so proud of you :D :D :D
I would probably make them go for at least 57-60 so they can defeat team plasma
You don't need them at 57s at all, you should be able to handle Team Plasma as well.
Oh well who cares its his choice
Actually it depends. Do you have a full team of lillipups or reasonable pokemon
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every e4 member has a team of level 48s and one level 50 so i reccomend training to level 55

plus they all have related types. ghost dark psychic fighting i reccomend going against the dark type first

and sometimes 52,53 etc.