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The reason I ask that is because of what happened with Zoroark in Sinnoh, then Ash says "Bye. See you in the next region." Everyone is wondering about Magiana, even though we had some info from CoroCoro.

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Any help apreaciated! ( I'm only in 4th grade...)
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While this is possible, and has been a thing in the past (the aforementioned Zoroark and the Lucario movie), it is really hard to tell because we know next to nothing about Magiana (called Magearna in English) except it's name and that it will be featured in the Volcanion movie. So it is possible that Magearna is foreshadowing a new region, however it is equally if not more likely that it's simply a new Legendary coming in another Kalos game (which has been heavily hinted at).

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Astro ,they called it a "new mythical Pokemon" on the official site.
Mythical Pokémon are Legendaries :P
I mean you said we know nothing about it... well next to nothing but we know it is a legendary. OH WAIT I DIDN'T READ UR LAST PART EVEN THO I REFERENCED IT IN MY ANSWER...
Haha it's fine Kero XD
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Can be possible. In the past the last movies of the anime arcs mostly introduce a new Pokemon, but this is not true because Lucario and the Mystery of Mew was the second last movie, but Manaphy was introduced in the last movie of Hoenn. Zoroark was revealed in the last movie of Sinnoh, and Mega Mewtwo which is not really a new Pokemon, in Unova. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Latios and Latias were revealed in a Johto Movie, I think it was Pokemon Heroes.

Magiana (Magearna in English), can possibly be linked to a new region, since the official Pokemon site describes it as a "New mythical Pokemon", so this means it is possibly a new gen Pokemon because Magearna doesn't exist in the data for XY/ORAS. Magearna's name is also included in the movie title, so were the names of Zoroark and Lucario.

Or if I'm wrong, and as Doctor Disco said, it might be referring to a NEW Legendary in a new Kalos game.

Good answer, but just pointing out that Zygarde Cell/Core/10%/100% forms weren't in XY data either.
Oh yeah, but it's still Zygarde, not something enitirely new.
i'm coming back to this question after pokemon Sun and Moon are announced.
lol yeah, I just realized that they weren't announced when this question was asked and answered.