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Some random guy offered a trade in ORAS, and gave me a Level 100 Shiny Haxorus. At first I thought, "this is obviously hacked..." But after looking through his default stats in Bulbapedia, I noticed that he only had ONE maxed out IV, which was Attack, at 432. (He was adamant) Nothing else is even close to maxed out. In fact, the rest of his stats are mediocre at best:

Exp. Points: 1,250,000


-HP: 267
-Attack: 432
-Defense: 199
-Sp. Atk: 128
-Sp. Def: 170
-Speed: 281

Ability: Unnerve

What do you guys think? Is this thing hacked, or could I take it with me to competitive battles?


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Don't be paranoid. Just because it's level 100 and Shiny doesn't mean it's hacked, it's stats are normal it's ability is it's hidden ability so that might make you a little more suspicious, but this Haxorus is probably from Nature Reserve from BW2.

To know if a Pokemon is hacked you can probably check stuff like it's memories, you can check memories outside the Pokemon Center in Anistar City (XY) and in ORAS outside Lilycove's Pokemon center there is a girl... I think.. If you receive a 6IVS Pokemon it doesn't always mean that it's hacked.