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Hydro Cannon isn't that good anyway since it has that cooldown.
Just using Waterfall twice would deal much more damage.
Waterfall is better because it hits more often.

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No. Feraligator can run mixed, but will make better use of physical moves. Go with Waterfall or Aqua Tail, two of either hit harder than one Hydro Cannon.

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  • Feraligatr has higher Attack than he does Special Attack, thus using Hydro Cannon would be a waste of a move slot. Consider applying a Physical Water move, or something for type weakness coverage, such as Waterfall (which can double as an HM if you're playing in-game)

  • Hydro Cannon itself is a bad move, due to the fact that, despite it's high power, it has to recharge after use, basically stripping you of a whole turn, which is why you should choose other moves. Aqua Tail has a power of 90 which you can use twice, so it's technically stronger than Hydro Cannon (90 + 90 = 180, versus 150).

So overall, no, Feraligatr is not worthy of learning Hydro Cannon unless you're using it ingame, and solely because it's a cool awesome move. Other than that, there is no reason to use those moves.

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