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Can you breed a ditto and a legendary to make an egg?

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No, Legendaries and few other pokemon are in the 'No Egg' group, which means they cannot breed, even with Ditto.

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The only legendary you can breed is Zorua*
Not a legendary.
You can breed Rotom.
Rotom isn't a legendary either. The only legendary that can breed is Manaphy/Phione.
I have solid evidence. In Sapphire, I put a Rayquaza and a Ditto in the Daycare and YES, I did recieve a Level 5 Rayquaza. Maybe it was a glitch, but I've had it for like, two years now.
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You can breed manaphy

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and phione :)
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Any pokemon in the undiscovered egg group you can't breed so the only leagendarys you can breed are rotom, manaphy, and phione

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Technically, Rotom isn't a Legendary Pokemon. You can recieve it several different ways, and in Diamond, you can see people with Rotoms.