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So I started a new Heart Gold run, and I want to fully EV train my Pokemon early in the game. It would really help if you could tell me some common Pokemon I could grind to train on. I'm okay with anything up to Route 32, since I'll just faint the battle with Silver, and I also had to trade in a Macho Brace, so I can just use the Pokemon I traded in to get past the required trainers.

If you've already gotten upto Route 32, then your pokemon must have battled some random trainer pokemon (at least). Meaning your EV regime is screwed.

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Honestly, don't. It's not worth it. But I'll still list them in case you really really want to:

  • HP: Caterpie on Route 32 (HG); Hoothoot on Route 29 (HGSS)
  • Attack: Bellsprout on Route 32 and 31 OR Sentret on Route 29
  • Defense: Geodude in Dark Cave.
  • Special Attack: Mareep in Route 32.
  • Special Defense: Ledyba on Route 31 (SS); Hoppip on Route 32 (HGSS)
  • Speed: Weedle+Pidgey on Route 31 (SS); Zubat in Dark Cave (HGSS)

Hope I helped!

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They all give 1 EV in that stat. Meaning you'll have to fight 252 such to max one stat. IMO you should back out while you still have time xD
Too late I already trained my Chikorita and Togepi, thanks for helping btw :3
Wow, you're really determined :x
And no problem!