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So a few minutes earlier, I was playing Pokémon and decided to plant a Leppa Berry on the patch of soil at Route 103.

What happened was,

•I plucked the berries off of the Leppa plant in the middle.
•Planted a Leppa berry in it's place.
•Watered it with the Wailmer Pail.
•Walked a few steps southward and when I looked at it, the berry I planted was surrounded with sparkles (couldn't think of a better word) and grew into a Leppa plant. (The full thing, you know, when it's available for plucking again).

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a reason why this happened?

Perhaps the time function is getting out of whack because the battery is dying? Idk any other possibilities.
In that case, it is possible to replace those.
Looking on multiple forums, it seems Groudon's Drought or Kyogre's Drizzle could help Berry growth. Other than that, you battery has ran dry.

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I do not have a straight up answer for you, but what point in the game were you when this happened? It could be because of groudon's drought or Kyogre's storm, other than that either the battery has run dry or you did something weird with the clock.