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I recently began a new save file in Pokemon X, and I finally finished the Power Plant part of the game. I have reached Lumiose City, and the whole city is available to me now, including Estival Avenue and Alexa's guides. I read that if you ask her to show you around, it's a really good way of raising your style. How many times would I have to have her guide me around for me to be able to get into Boutique Couture?


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Well, according to Bulbapedia, talking to Alexa raises your style by 5 points, you need 25 style points to be able to enter Boutique Couture.
So, you would have to talk to Alexa a total of 5 times to be allowed to go in Boutique Couture.

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You can only get style points from talking to Alexa the first time.

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It didn't work, it's only 5 points for when the player first talks to Alexa.
Ohhhh, so in that case, you can't get to go to Boutique Couture by talking to Alexa
Sorry, guess I didn't read that part, I'll change my answer.
Yep, after I commented, I just bought a bunch of Lumiose Galettes and got in.
Cookies make everything better :P