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I got a shiny Arceus threw Wonder Trading and it knew Hydro Pump, Earth Power, Judgement, and Blast Burn. I am worried it is hacked because of the move Blast Burn. Is this Arceus hacked?

The OT is Rene.
Where does it say it's from?
It is in a Cherish Ball other then that I don't know.
On the screen with the nature, there should be a place in the pokemon world on that screen. What is it?

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According to this, Blast Burn Arceus is perfectly legal as long as it's from a Gen VI game. I'm more concerned about Hydro Pump, which Arceus cannot learn. Is it possible you confused it with Hydro Cannon? If so then it is very likely your Arceus is legit.

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Yes it is Hydro Cannon. Thank You!