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Im just confused why my Feebas is not evolving


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After you get your Feebass to max beauty, you have to level it up. If you level it up and it doesn't evolve, double check to make sure that it has max beauty. If it does have max beauty and it didn't evolve, just trade it while it's holding a Prism Scale.

Hope this helps!


okay. This was Diamond, by the way
I'm pretty sure the Beauty condition only applies when playing in a game of the Hoenn region.  All other regions require the Prism Scale condition.
Not true. Contests exists in D/P/Pl, so the beauty evolution method works in that game, too. ORAS has the beauty method as well as the prism scale method.
I have to admit..  D/P/Pl is/was a bit of a blur for me.  But....  I have absolutely no memory of Contests in them.  @[email protected]