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Torkoal or camerupt?

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For ingame team not competitive!
for the fire role I want one of thoose Pokemon, I usually prefer Pokemon with high attack, spl attack or speed than defense and spl defense, HP.

I am the type of player who prefer "one hit kill" and quick and clean deaths.
I aways play that way, but I was thinking: "Am I playing wrong? Do I need to have a balanced team mixed between attack, defense, speed, HP, etc?"

my team are aways electric, flying, ground, grass, fire, water.

I don't have any defensive expert Pokemon yet. (to tell the truth I don'y give a damm to have one, unless the right thing to do is to have one, that is the motive of the question)

So, if I need a defensive Pokemon I will take torkoal, if I not gonna need it, I will take camerupt.

So, Camerupt or Torkoal?

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2 Answers

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You won't really miss the defensiveness in-game. Stick with offense and you're gold, so I would recommend Camerupt. It gives Ground type coverage, which is just awesome, but you will have to steer completely clear of Water types. You never specified which game, but if this is ORAS then Camerupt also gets his post-game, which may just be something to watch out for before the Delta Episode.

Hope I helped!

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I agree go with Camerupt his stats are way better then Torkoal the only thing that will let Camerupt down is his defense like I guess if you really want defense you can go with torkoal but Camerupt has mega evolution which might make his defense better and stick to attack thats the way I like too play to so I go with Camerupt

Hope I helped too!

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