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I mean, I want to get shinies easily, but for me it is nearly impossible. I have been breeing for about 3 days, turning off the power for breaks, and I never got a shiny solosis. what is happening. also I am playing AS, alpha sapphire, at the battle resort.

It took me 4 months to hatch a shiny Deerling... with the shiny charm and Masuda Method. ;_;

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Yes, turning off the game is perfectly fine. No such thing as a cycle exists with the Masuda method. You do not need to chain eggs like you need to chain encounters with the PokeRadar or by chain fishing. Masuda method simply multiples your chances of hatching a Shiny Pokemon; it does not change at all if you breed consecutive Pokemon or interrupt an egg hatching session. Simply putting two compatible Pokemon from different countries in the day care is really all there is to the Masuda method.

The reason you have not yet gotten a Shiny Pokemon is that your chances of hatching a Shiny are still very low even with the Masuda method. There are conflicting reports on the exact chances for the game you're playing, but I can confidently say that you should not expect a Shiny after just three days of breeding. Historically, the chances have been around 1/1500, so if OR/AS are anything like this, you should only expect one Shiny for roughly every one and a half thousand eggs you hatch. If you own the Shiny Charm, however, your chances will be 1/512, which may still take an extended period of time.

Simply put, you're going to need a lot more patience if you want to get a Shiny Pokemon. DexNav and chain fishing might be more efficient alternatives if you're not fussy about natures and IVs, which breeding gives you more control over. Exact chances for either are unknown, but are reportedly much better than breeding with the Masuda method.

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OMG! Thank you soo much! actually, today i just hatched my shiny solosis! Thanks for the help! but... I would like to ask one more question. How long did it take soemeone else to hatch a shiny? I am asking so i can get a better idea. Like, for me, it took a whole week's dedication of time for it. while some others, it took months. I am just asking, that's all. if you want to contact me, go to [email protected] thanks for your assistance friend. it has helped a lot.
I'm glad my answer helped so much :)
It's difficult to estimate how long it'll take on average, because there are so many variables to consider (eggs per day, luck, Shiny Charm etc.) But I'd say you're pretty lucky to have a shiny in a week, of course depending on how often you hatched eggs in that time. Statistically, it isn't unlikely for it to take hundreds upon hundreds of eggs to finally hatch a shiny, so depending on how quickly you hatch eggs, it could easily take months. Again, it's difficult to make any accurate judgement; personally, I prefer to simply let the terrible odds speak for themselves.
well, i had the egg charm, shiny charm, and a flame body magmar. so that may have been one of the reasons why i got it so fast.