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Hello everone. I have recently decided to get back into competitive, and I wanted to "debut" with a mono water team. I received a Mantine through WT today, which is handy as it is a Pokémon that I like and is viable. He has Careful nature with Swift Swim. I've trained him up to know Aqua Ring, Surf, Air Cutter, and Wide Guard. Since he has Swift Swim, I was wanting his "partner" to have Rain Dance.

I have a Ludicolo (named Robin Williams) with Rain Dance and Rain Dish, so the rain would benefit them both. Any ideas?

If you're going mono-Water why not use Drizzle Politoed? Automatic Rain plus Helping Hand, Encore, Icy Wind etc.

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Ludicolo would be nice, as it is one of the best Pokemon at abusing the rain. Politoed can instantly set up rain with Drizzle, which is always great, and has a decent movepool as well.

But what about mega Swampert...
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I would try:

This is a great Pokemon because it has great: Attack, and Special Attack. Also, with Special defense and Defense . I would try using this movepool ( I have used it before)
Empoleon @ Leftovers
Trait: Defiant
Nature: Lonely(+Atk-def)
252 atk/ 4 S atk /252 S def
Ice Beam
Earthquake ( Great against Mantine's weakness, Electric)

Good luck! Hope I helped!
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There's a lot of errors in this set. Why is the Empoleon calm and why does it have earthquake with a nature like that? Something like relaxed would do a better job with this set.

Also, the EVs look jacked up. Why is Special Attack listed twice? And theres only 256 EVS shown, when you can have 510 total.

One last thing, defiant is superior to torrent in terms of ability for Empoleon.
i edited it with the help of your comments
Mega Swampert is better at mutual weakness coverage.
I'd agree that Mega Swampert is better than Empoleon at this job. Also, why Surf? It hurts your partner in doubles, and that could make or break a match,