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I have a theory that the rusting grass has a better chance of shiny. I've captured two shiny audino this way
(no cheats)                         I can't prove it though
hey sanne, you selected best answer after about a year. LOL

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You see there cannot be any best way .
It is upon random luck that you can encounter a wild pokemon that is shiny.
and so the shine rate is the same as of the previous games so no innovation and you'll have to work very hard to get one.
So to be presice there is NO extra thing you can to in order to encounter a shiny pokemon.

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Well the easiest way would be getting a pokemon from another country (Global Trade Station) and breed it with one from ur country (can be your own) and the egg has a greater chance of being shiny.

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Two pokemon from different countries (not yours) give an even better chance.
Does a pokemon from Pokémon Diamante ( spanish for diamond) count as a pokemon from another country?
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There really is no best way,you just need some luck.
A shiny pokemon might just appear when you least expect it!

If you want to hatch a Shiny Pokemon,you put two Pokemon in the Day-care,with at least one being from a different country,this boosts the chance of the hatched Pokemon being shiny!

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It's really all luck. Incredibly, I've encountered two shinies (Buizel and Sableye) but only managed to capture one of them. By this, I've ran into more shinies then I ever have with the silly Pokeradar in Pokemon Pearl. I know it's probably the same rate (1 in 8452 chance?) but I believe it's somehow easier to find them. Does that make sense? Probs not.

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One time I traded a murkrow and got a shiny empoleon
If you find the same kind of Pokémon 40 times with the Pokéradar, it increases the chances by a lot to find a shiny.
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masuda method. get a foreign pokemon and breed it with a pokemon from an area of different languages and chances are cut in fourths. masuda works better in unova games than others.

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