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I just received a Genesect and Phione from a trade, and I'm not so sure that they are legitimate.

The Genesect's info:
ID No. 10072
Lv. 100
Cherish Ball
Ice Beam, U-Turn, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower.
Download ability
Timid nature
"A fateful encounter seems to have led it across space and time to reach the Kalos region from the Unova Region."
Characteristic: Somewhat vain
Classic Ribbon
Has Pokerus
Does NOT have a blue hexagon.

The Phione's information:
OT: Quinn
ID No. 48484
Hydration ability
Holding a Damp Rock
Has Scald, Rain Dance, U-Turn, and Rest
Lv. 7
Has a blue hexagon
Relaxed nature
Egg Received: 11/29/2015
From: a Day-Care Couple
Egg Hatched: Apparently 11/29/2015
Where: Faraway Place
Characteristic: Likes to run
No ribbon.

I do not know how much of all of that information will actually be useful, but I thought it would be a waste of time to leave things out only to figure out they're needed. If I posted this in the wrong place, I apologize and would like to know where the right place to post it is. Thank you!


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The Genesect seems to be legit, make sure that it's OT is Plasma, and that the date of receiving (If you can find it.) is between October 7th, 2012 and November 12th, 2012. The Phione also seems to be legit, but the ID number is a bit strange because it is alternating 4 and 8. It is still possible for the Phione to have that ID number.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you for the input! Unfortunately I cannot see the date of receiving as it was supposedly transferred from a gen 5 game, but the OT matches up. It's certainly strange that it's a perfect Pokemon, as in nature and IV's, but if "Plasma" is a legitimate OT then there is at least a chance that it is not hacked.
There can't be an egg that hatched in a 'faraway place'. As of gen 6, all Pokemon hatched in another region has that region in its info, unless this is B/W/2. For instance, a sneasel I hatched in FireRed says 'apparently hatched in Kanto and arrived in the Kalos region after a long journey'. That's for Pokemon transfer. As for any Pokemon hatched in Gen 6, they'll say hatched in Kalos or Hoenn on such a date. The phione is a fake! A clever one, but still fake. The genesect seems to be the event one, but I don't understand why anybody with a legit event Pokemon that cannot be obtained again would part with it. It may be an event Hack where they trigger the event by using false servers to upload the event. Most hacks done this way won't harm a game card because the cards cannot tell the difference as the card believes it received the data to operate a programmed event, like using a false server to 'give' a liberty pass to get another Victini every time you play thru B/W.