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I am playing through pearl is their a way to catch him ?


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There is actually a special way to encounter Gible in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. If you enter Wayward Cave through the obvious entrance that is visible beside the cycling road, you will never encounter Gible, as it is not found in that area. You may only find Gible in Wayward Cave if you enter the area through a secret entrance located underneath the cycling road. It can be difficult to locate for the first time, so here is an image to help you (credit to Psypokes):

Wayward Cave

If you can position your character so that the screen appears this way and then walk upward, you will enter the secret entrance to Wayward Cave. Its structure is completely different to that of the main cave, and in addition, Flash is not required to see properly. In this area, and this area only, you may encounter wild Gible. Note that Gible's encounter rate in this area is still a fairly low 15% in the game you're playing, so you may need to spend some time searching before you come across a Gible.

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I think the encounter rate is 25%?
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No. there's no special way to catch gible. he's just uncommon to find. search around more and you should eventually find him

Agreed.  It's also a symptom of literally everything else available in the area being "common" while Gible is "uncommon".
Not really. That's basically saying that if those Pokemon weren't common, you'd be able to find Gible more often, which doesn't make sense. The sole reason Gible is hard to find is that it has a low encounter rate; it's not because the other Pokemon in the area have high encounter rates. There could be 50 different Pokemon in the area -- each extremely uncommon, or even more so than Gible -- but if Gible's encounter rate is set to that same low number, you would find it any easier. There'd be a wider range of possibilities for Pokemon you could find, but that wouldn't affect how often you could find Gible if its encounter rate remains the same.