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So it says that Buneary evolves into Lopunny by happiness, so I played with my Buneary in Pokemon-Amie until it was at max happiness, gave it a soothe bell, and leveled it up. So why isn't it evolving? (This is in ORAS, if it makes a difference)


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Happiness isn't affected by Amie, that's affection a different mechanic that is used to evolve Eevee into Sylveon and other things. Happiness is affected by stuff like walking with the Pokemon in the party, leveling up, getting fed berries and other items, the soothe bell and massages. As long as you don't let the Buneary faint or deposit it in the PC it will evolve eventually.

Pretty sure depositing it in the PC doesn't affect happiness in generation VI.
Even before, it didn't magically reset it when put in the PC.  It would simply decrease over time.
I didnt mean it so much as it will lower the happiness, just that it wont gain any in the PC, which is obvious but you never know how much information someone has
The answer is always "never enough".  :)
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Try bringing the Pokemon with you everywhere you go, such as running, cycling, surfing. ( I don't think flying counts). gets its hp down and use potions.

20% hp, survives battle, after battle. use super potion, EXAMPLE<< potions don't vary on happiness bonus I think but simply using one does restore hp which restores happiness as a +

use ev items on, raises happiness, even wings and berries, if used sitrus berry in battle. boosts happiness slightly

bringing Pokemon with you, running, surfing, cycling, walking, crawling if ORAS and diving, then exploring. ORAS flying with mega latias/latios doesn't improve any happiness at all.

LASTLY - don't let it faint, this lowers happiness

Where did you get this information?
all over the internet, plus been playing for 16 years/ you pick up some
Usually we want to see a specific website so that we can more easily determine if the information is reliable. Also, Pokemon changes a lot, so playing for 16 years doesn't usually help much more than playing for three years.