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I've been messing around with Showdown calcs, and this is what I came up with:

+6 252+ SpA Choice Specs Parental Bond Deoxys-A Helping Hand Stored Power (620 BP) vs. -6 0 HP / 0- SpD Croagunk on a critical hit: 27107964-31891722 (246436036.3 - 289924745.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Can you beat this?

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Hey Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?

It's over 9000!
Too lazy to do it but the same thing with mega mewtwo y
+6 252+ SpA Choice Specs Parental Bond Mega Mewtwo Y Stored Power (620 BP) vs. -6 0 HP / 0- SpD Croagunk on a critical hit: 19183554-22568892 (174395945.4 - 205171745.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO

not as good
Weird. Mega Mewtwo Y's base special attack is 14 more than Attack Deoxys. Anyway, I think Shuckle power trick helping hand metronome swords dance pure power critical hit rollout on a Ledyba does more damage, but I don't have the time to find out.

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OK... I think I beat myself!


Level 100 - Atk 22
Power Trick - Atk 465
EVs and IVs - Atk 559
+6 Boosts - Atk 2236 (I think)
Huge power- Atk 4472

OK. Now he is up against:

Level 1 - Def 5
EVs and IVs - Def 4
-6 Def - Def 1

The Attack is ICE BALL...
With Defence curl
With Metronome,
and Shuckle is ice type (Protean)!

Psypoke Says:

Defense Curl boosts the base power for Ice Ball with a 2.0× multiplier
Helping Hand strengthened the power of Ice Ball with a 1.5× multiplier
Shuckle's Huge Power boosted its Attack with a 2.0× multiplier
Shuckle's partner's Flower Gift boosted its Attack with a 1.5× multiplier
Shuckle's Metronome strengthened the power of Ice Ball with a 2.0× multiplier

Max Damage: 116,818,352

But if it's a triple battle, there are two helping hands and flower gifts, so

Max Damage: 262 841 292

Adding on Shuckle's STAB
Max Damage: 394, 261, 938

And if Noibat is Forest Cursed:
Max damage: 788, 523, 876

Correct me if my math was wrong :P

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Pure power gives more power than protean. You can do it in a triple battle, where you can get two helping hands (2 1/4 times boost). I think maybe if you become ice type with protean and then change your ability to pure power, you keep the ice type, but I'm not sure.
actually if you can use Metronome on a Happiny, and the move is Reflect Type, you can copy the Noibats typing with less defense
This is hackmons. Happiny can learn reflect type.
@sumwun - Read the post. Protean and then huge power gives shuckle STAB and 2x attack.

The happiny thing is interesting though... Too lazy to do the calcs! XP
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With the newer moves Instruct and Tar Shot, and the abilities Fluffy and Power Spot we can now go even higher than Shuckle ever did. This time it's Pikachu delivering the final blow, and it has to hit a Substitute.
(Note: This would only be possible if triple battles existed in the newest games)

Even at level 100, Pikachu's attack maxes at a measly 229. However, we can get our old friend Shuckle to help us here: After using Power Trick, Shuckle can use Power Split on Pikachu, and after switching out and repeating the process 10 times, we get to 613, which is as high as it gets. Then we apply 6 tiers of Attack modifiers (4x), Pure/Huge Power (2x), Light Ball (2x) (which is why it has to be Pikachu) and Flower Gift (1.5x) (which does not stack, so we can only do one) which leaves the attack at 14712.

The target will be a Smeargle with 7 or less Defense, which after modifiers becomes 1. It has to use Type reflect on a Genesect, and then get Forest's Curse applied for an 8x weakness to fire. Smeargle must also be under the effect of Tar Shot, which doubles damage taken from fire-type moves, and have the ability Fluffy, which also doubles fire damage, but not if the move makes contact. Since the move we are using, V-create, makes contact, we use a Substitute to avoid this. The sun, which is necessary to activate Flower gift, will also give a 1.5x boost to damage. If we use Color Change to change Pikachu's type to fire, STAB (1.5x) will occur, and with a crit (1.5x) the total damage multiplier becomes 108.

V-create has a base power of 180, and since this is a triple battle we have two teammates who can both use Helping Hand, boosting the power by 2.25x. Now Instruct lets two of the pokémon on Smeargle's team instruct those teammates to use Helping Hand again, for another 2.25x. V-create is activated using Me First, which again multiplies the power by 1.5. Lastly, since Flower Gift didn't stack, we have another spot for an ability. We fill it with Power Spot, which boosts the power of moves used by all teammates by 1.3x. The total power of our move is now 1776.9375, rounded down to 1776.

To calculate the damage, use the formula Floor((Level*Power*Attack)/(Defense*50)+2)*Modifier. Level is 42 for a level 100 pokémon, so we get Floor((42*1776*14712)/(1*50)+2)*108=2,370,378,816.

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